Meet Your New Secret Growth Hack:

Radically Effective Strategy

The Real Reason Your Channel Isn’t Performing Like You Want it To:

1. Your Content Isn’t Positioned to Stand Out

With millions of creators on YouTube, it’s extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd. If there’s the slightest chance your channel is getting lost, it’ll always be a struggle to gain traction.


2. Your Videos Aren’t Getting and Keeping Attention

Capturing and holding your audience’s attention is critical to the success of your channel. If you’re not getting eyeballs on your content and keeping people watching, people will never come back.


3. Your Channel Isn’t Getting Qualified Feedback

Feedback from your audience is essential, but the wrong feedback can harm rather than help. Without qualified feedback from people who understand your content, so much of your time is wasted guessing.


4. You’re Not Making As Much Money as You Should

Almost every YouTube channel we’ve reviewed is missing big opportunities for income. One of the biggest reasons people stop going is because they’re not making enough money, soon enough.


^ Project 24 Permanently Fixes These Problems ^

(We built it from the ground up after working with and reviewing thousands of YouTube creators businesses)

How It Works for You:

1. Direction

A proven system to know your most important focus at any moment (timeline below)

2. Real Help

Active, high-quality community building channels alongside you

3. Personalization

Live masterminds with the CM team to personalize the strategy for your channel


Exclusive Lessons

Hours of Training

Custom Tools

Bonus Monetization Courses

Insiders Podcast

Live Masterminds (Monthly)

Get Started With Project 24:

Take a Tour Inside Project 24:

What’s Inside Project 24:

The Complete P24 YouTube System

Proven 5-phase system for growing a successful YouTube content business and make full-time income+

Live Masterminds

Themed video calls held multiple times each month with the CM team to do deep dives into strategy, Q&A, and specific applications for attendees

Dedicated Community

Active, quality community of real creators making real progress in their work, asking questions, providing meaningful feedback, and finding effective collaborations.

Members tell us often that the community alone is worth the price of Project 24.

Members-only Podcast

An inside look at current trends, community questions and behind the scenes testing

Courses for Multiple Income Streams

Dedicated mini courses within the System for monetizing with Patreon/memberships, making your own information product in 10 days, affiliate marketing secrets, and making money with lead generation, in addition to income directly from YouTube

System for Blogging

Additional full system for building a niche website to pair with your YouTube channel

Even if this only got you to success

one month sooner,

your investment will have paid off.

Real Creator Results

HUGE thanks to the entire Income School team, and everyone in the Project 24 community. 

The YouTube System more than exceeded my expectations. When I first joined Project 24, I only had 45 subscribers and no idea how to run a successful YT channel.

I followed every action step in the course and it completely opened my mind to new possibilities. The details he goes into are powerful. All I had to do was follow their advice, and boom, it worked like magic.

I started recording more videos, getting more specific in my niche, saving time, becoming more efficient, connecting with my audience, and growing the channel little by little. 

Then bam! I had two kite videos with 15k+ views and they brought my baseline of views up to 2,500.

Now I post an 8-22 minute video every day. I’m at a point where it’s all rhythm and second nature. I can make a thumbnail, record, edit, and post a video in under an hour. Compare that to my first few videos which would require 4-50 hours each. 

My advice to you is to stay true to the YT video course. Follow all of their advice.


Crypto Galaxy

I have just passed a year since I published my first YouTube video. I have found Project 24 to be incredibly helpful in helping me learn how to setup a YouTube channel, develop ideas for content, and provide guidance for producing videos. I wouldn’t have gotten this far in a year without Project 24.


Project 24 Member

My biggest goal for my channel was to be able to have a nice side income and help keep my hobby financially feasible.  I have now done that and then some!

Before joining Project 24 I had a YouTube Channel and after 2 years it was going nowhere.  It was stuck at less than 500 subs and maybe got 200 views per video.  

After joining and following the YouTube System I changed tactics, started a new channel, and in less than 2 years it has over 100k subs, has videos with hundreds of thousands to millions of views and is earning significant income.

The Project 24 courses and community are great resources to help guide you to success, the information is there and all you have to do is apply it with intent.


Carving is Fun

I have been around YouTube for 10 Years. I have built a successful channel of over 275,000 subscribers. But being part of Project 24, I have had the pleasure of being able to learn from the YouTube System run by the team. They have made a fantastic course that will not only help you to build a channel, but is perfect for seasoned YouTubers that need to move theirs forward.

It has reminded me of not only the fundamentals, but the 5 Phases really help to keep your channel moving forward. The course is a blueprint to success and I use it to help me move from phase to phase.

It’s perfect for all creators who want to create a living from their channel.


Simplify Gardening

Answers to Your Questions

What will happen when I join?

When you click the button to join now, you’ll be taken to to register for Project 24.

Immediately after you get registered, you’ll be taken to a web page with an explanation of how to navigate all the resources in Project 24.  You’ll have immediate access to all of the course content in Project 24, the community, the podcast, and all of the other resources we’ve created for you.

From then on, you’ll just go straight to to log in and learn!

How much does the membership cost?

Project 24 costs $499 for your first entire year.  If you choose to continue on with the course (cancel anytime), each successive year is auto-renewed at only $299.  This isn’t the type of course where we ditch you after purchase.  We charge per year because the course gets new content ALL. THE. TIME!

Does this system work for someone outside the United States?

You bet!  In fact, we haven’t done the actual survey to know the numbers, but we’d estimate that we have more customers outside the United States than inside the United States.  You name a country, we’ve probably had a member there.

Is Project 24 a guarantee of success?

Absolutely not.  Your business will succeed only based on your skill and effort in building your business.  While we do our best to provide you with the best direction for your Youtube channel, no business is guaranteed.  “Project 24” is not a guarantee of success–especially not in any particular time-frame.  We use the name “Project 24” to refer to the goal of some people to create a business in 24 months that replaces their day job, but this is a goal and not a promise or guarantee of this success.  Creating a successful business requires skill, hard work, and time.

Does this system work for someone with an established channel?

Yes!  We have lots of established YouTubers in Project 24.  We designed our YouTube lessons to be valuable to you no matter where you are in your YouTube journey.

Plus, we have many advanced YouTubers and internet marketers in the Project 24 community who have been around the block more than once.  You’ll be able to learn from them and share your knowledge with others.

How much will I interact with the Channel Makers Team?

The Team is active in the community. However, you shouldn’t expect Project 24 to be an individual mentorship.  It isn’t.  We spend most of our time creating resources for the community as a whole.  We create and update courses, work on the podcasts for Project 24, and building our own channels to learn new techniques to share.

Most of the answers you get in the community will be from other members who have been through what you’re asking about and will share their knowledge.

We care very much about our students.  We aren’t one of those online courses where you get ditched the instant they get your money. The team has been known to go way beyond the call of duty to help individuals, but you shouldn’t expect a private mentorship in the course.

Who is Project 24 for?

Unless you’re earning WAY more from your YouTube channel than you want to, Project 24 is for you.

Up-and-coming Creators

You might have just hit monetization and want to maximize your efforts from here on. You might have just had a video go viral and you’re not sure how to take advantage of the sudden spike of interest. Or, you might just know you have something GREAT to share, and want the most direct path to success you can find.

Project 24 is built for creators like you.

Struggling Creators

You have a channel, but despite your best efforts, it’s not growing how you expected.  You may even be frustrated, wondering if YouTube is really for you.

The methodical, process-based approach of Project 24 is designed to both highlight common roadblocks and give clear solutions so you’re never stuck again!

Successful Creators

You have a channel, and it’s going great!  You may even be earning a good amount of money from it.  But you want to take it to the next level.

Project 24 is designed to simply jump in and get quickly up to speed so you’ll be able to level up your skills, revenue streams, and channel authority, no matter where you start from.

Would your channel be more likely to succeed by putting our experience to work for you?