What Happens After You Purchase…


The next page you’ll see includes clear instructions on how to get into the system, join the community, pick some upcoming masterminds, and subscribe to the podcast 


Past the welcome page you’ll see your My Story page that’s like a project journal for your channel, including goals, action steps, and a schedule of each month to build your successful channel


Next you’ll go to the primary Project 24 course dashboard where you’ll select the YouTube System and get started building your channel right away!

Additional Questions

How Much Time Will This Take?

While there isn’t a guaranteed amount of time that leads to success, most people building their YouTube channel business will want to spend 4 or more hours per week of focused time on learning, producing, adjusting, and repeating. Less than that, and we find people struggle to gain traction; more than that, and it only adds potential faster growth.

    Isn’t All This Knowledge on YouTube Already?

    Nope, and there’s a few reasons for that:

    1) The nature of YouTube is a fragmented series of tip videos, and very few people are able to piece together the skillsets in the right order and at the right timing to get it. This is what creates the popular mindset that YouTube is luck. Project 24 is an entire system for building a channel, in sequence, based on hundreds of channels experience (and it’s not luck!).

    2) Even then, the “right” order isn’t the same for every channel, so personalized help and faster feedback are essential to shorten the time needed to figure it out. Project 24 has a dedicated, active community and 1-to-group masterminds to fill that need. These aren’t “free beginner groups” either; these are people serious about investing in themselves and others success.

      I’ve Been Trying YouTube For a While, Will This Work for Me?

      The #1 reason we see people struggle is a lack of the right direction. People often spend years trying to piece together a roadmap before joining Project 24, and when they finally get a clear direction, sequence of actions to take, and the correct strategies to monetize, they experience success much more quickly. Not a guarantee of course, but a very common occurrence.

        What’s Different From What You Share on Channel Makers?

        In Project 24 you get more personalized help and direction (you can ask questions and get answers in the community and masterminds), an entire system of A-Z how to build a successful channel and multiple additional courses to help you make money with your channel. Where Channel Makers is a bag of tips, Project 24 is a roadmap.

        Also we should mention that there are several in-depth skillsets and strategies that we don’t share AT ALL on Channel Makers (*gasp*), including predicting when and what kind of video will do well for your channel, subscribe-ability strategies to increase baseline viewership, thumbnail/title marketing psychology, and more. 

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