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Is it Hard to Start a YouTube Channel?

Is it Hard to Start a YouTube Channel?

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Is it too Late to Start a YouTube Channel?

Is it too Late to Start a YouTube Channel?

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Is It Safe to Start a YouTube Channel?

Is It Safe to Start a YouTube Channel?

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Meet the Channel Makers Team

Channel Makers is run by a group of passionate creators with years of experience building YouTube Channels and other types of online media.

Through our popular YouTube channels, @ChannelMakers, @IncomeSchool, and the exclusive Project 24 membership platform, we have helped countless entrepreneurs establish and grow their online businesses. We provide valuable resources and insider tips for improving marketing efforts and achieving success in the digital realm.

Our dedication to the industry has earned us a reputation as leaders in online marketing. We continue to provide invaluable guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them build successful online businesses.

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Project 24 members are crushing it!

Project 24 is a program that helps people create online businesses, using primarily YouTube and/or blogging to earn an income.  See how Project 24 members are achieving major milestones below:

817 Members - $100/month

Making $100/month from your channel is life-changing! You’re getting proof that something’s starting to work! Many of these members will likely hit the higher badges in time.

520 Members - $500/month

A channel earning $500/month is when many people see their project really taking off! At this point there’s an audience and it’s only a matter of tweaking things to see big increases.

398 Members - $1,000/month

At $1,000 per month, a serious business has been created. Most who hit this level have proven they can get traffic and monetize, and it’s time to focus on bigger gains.

211 Members - Full-time Income

 Incredible! This is the #1 goal we have for members of Project 24, and the number keeps going up! At this point people have many new possibilities open up (team, diversify revenue, automation, and more)!

Important disclaimer: Many businesses fail, and there is no guarantee of success. Success requires hard work, skill, and significant time.  Data retrieved May 2023 as self-reported by current members.  Some members never earn money.