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My team and I have spent years (and a LOT of $) finding the right gear for any recording setup, and I’ve broken it down into tiers according to where you are with your channel, so you can get the maximum benefit from your budget.

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Just wanted an answer to a single question about YouTube? Look no further than this ever-expanding library of helpful posts about everything for a successful channel, from technical setup questions to legal questions to how to get more views on YouTube. 

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Project 24 members are crushing it.

Project 24 is a program that helps people create online businesses, using primarily Blogging and/or YouTube to earn an income.  See how Project 24 members are achieving major milestones.

1208 Members - $100/month

Keep in mind this badge has the highest number of people who have earned it because it comes first.  Many of these people will likely hit the higher badges in time.

780 Members - $500/month

A channel earning $500/month is when many people see their project really taking off, because at this point there’s an audience and it’s only a matter of tweaking some things to see big increases

397 Members - $1,000/month

At $1,000 per month, a serious business has been created.  Many people who hit this level have proven they can get traffic and monetize, and it’s only a matter of time before they finish.

202 Members - Full-time Income

Incredible.  That’s a large neighborhood full of families that are taken care of by the income they earn from what they accomplished following my system.  Let’s get this to 1,000 families!

Important disclaimer: Many businesses fail, and there is no guarantee of success. Success requires hard work, skill, and significant time.  Data retrieved Dec 2022 as self-reported by current members.  Some members never earn money.

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